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Health, Safety and Environment

Ensuring world-class health and safety and looking after the environment

We are committed to the highest standards of health and safety throughout Puma Energy and in our communities around the world. We also play an active part in looking after the environment. We want to minimise our environmental impact and are always looking to improve.

Health and Safety

Health and safety

Strong health and safety is the foundation. It continues to be absolutely fundamental to our successful, responsible operations and our sustainable, profitable growth.

Setting high standards
Setting high standards
We set and live up to world-class health, safety and environment (HSE) standards throughout Puma Energy. Every employee is bound by our HSE policies and we expect our business partners, suppliers and contractors to implement them along the value chain.
Embedding HSE
Embedding HSE
We make HSE a basic value of our day-to-day behaviour in Puma Energy, for our employees, for any contractor working with us and for everyone who visits and lives or works near our sites. Our commitment extends further into communities, for example, through our extensive road safety campaigns.
Continuing to improve
Continuing to improve
We continue to build on our strong, consistent HSE commitment, standards, practices and culture across Puma Energy. We intend to keep on making big improvements, and to encourage even more openness and reporting so we make this happen.



Minimising our use of energy
We have a number of initiatives around the world to minimise energy use, enabling us not only to reduce our environmental impact but also reduce costs.
Reducing our carbon emissions
To reduce our carbon footprint, we deploy a number of strategies such as locating storage tanks close to where fuel is needed and installing sources on renewable energy at our sites.
Managing water and waste responsibly
We seek to manage water and waste responsibly throughout Puma Energy.
Supporting the energy transition
We support the growing momentum behind the energy transition. Through our Future Energies business activities in particular, we are exploring exciting ways to help communities make more and better use of renewable energy.

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